A number of suicides and attempted suicides in Kingsclear First Nation in the past year has prompted the community to hold a week of healing events.

Andrew Solomon, the prevention and mental wellness coordinator for the community, said that since Cpl. Ron Francis killed himself in October 2014, there have been three suicides in the community, where fewer than 800 people live.

"After we lost Ronnie Francis, we've had other suicides and other young deaths in the past year and a half," said Solomon.

"So our crisis team, we started thinking of how we can help our community with their grief."

"For a small community like that, you normally don't see those kinds of things happen ... it has been tough."

Ron Francis

RCMP Cpl. Ron Francis was a well-known member of the Kingsclear First Nation. (Julianne Hazlewood/CBC)

Solomon and his team have been working on the event since January.

"This Christmas, after we had a couple attempts, we decided we had to do something," he said.

Other nearby First Nations communities also pitched in to help with the events this week, which include a therapeutic art class, a suicide prevention presentation and a community talking circle.

"We're trying to bring awareness to the help that is out there," Solomon said.

"Where our community is very small, it's like we're one big family … When we lose somebody, it really affects all of us."

"Even if the person isn't a close friend to us and we're not related to them, you've known this person for your whole life and to see them leave this world is really hard. So when we have multiple deaths, the way we did … it does make it hard."