The Kings Landing Historical Settlement will likely lose more than $100,000 in lost revenue and clean-up costs thanks to post-tropical storm Arthur.

The historical settlement outside of Fredericton has been closed since last Saturday's powerful wind and rain storm.

Kevin Cormier, the executive director of the site, said he hopes to have a better understanding of the financial losses in the coming weeks.

“We'll only fully understand the costs and loss of revenue impact and so on in the next coming weeks. I think it will likely be well over $100,000,” he said.

Kings Landing will not likely have power until sometime on Friday.

Kings Landing fallen trees

Kings Landing has brought in crews to clean up roughly 1,000 fallen trees. (Submitted by Kevin Cormier)

The losses are primarily because of lost entrance fees, but also because of the damage done to the site.

"We had over a thousand trees down, so we had to call in some crews," Cormier said.

"We had some of our electrical contractors just fixing up the power grid that's in the site, making sure that it was ready so that when NB Power turns the switch that we're able to be up and running. So there's quite a few expenses we've incurred as well as lost revenue."

Cormier said this isn't the way he hoped Kings Landing would be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.