Caution: Some strong language is used in this video

Kevin McGrath of Dieppe, N.B., took to YouTube to show people what it's like trying to get out of the house after a blizzard in the Maritimes.

McGrath has made it a habit of videotaping, so he grabbed his camera Sunday and started shooting.

"I looked outside, saw this huge snowbank and I thought, 'Whoooo, this will be interesting to film and show other people what it's like to be a Maritimer.'"

The video he shot Sunday shows him trying to get out one door, but it quickly became apparent he wasn`t going too far.

He then tries the garage.

In the end, he and wife Amy figure there's only one way out.

"She laughed quite a bit. She was like, `We're going to have to go do this somehow,'" he said.

"Actually when we did happen to get out, it was through the garage. I actually had to lift her up and and kind of throw her through a hole, and she slid down the other side. Pretty interesting. She laughed."

McGrath says he made the video to show people elsewhere just how deep the snow is, and how much can fall in a storm.

"I think they're going to be surprised.  I mean a lot of people say, `Well, the Maritimes — Oh well, they're closing down the city. It can't be that bad.'

"They don't realize how bad it gets here, but it's such an open area, there's not a lot of buildings.It`s not like in the bigger cities, a lot of wind and a lot of drifting. It accumulates quite fast."

McGrath says he is hopeful he won't have to make a similar video.

But he says that with the way this winter is going, anything can happen.