Kent County actor in movie out Friday

A wrestler-turned-actor from Kent County, New Brunswick has three movies coming out this year, including one that comes out Friday.

A wrestler-turned-actor from Kent County, New Brunswick, has a starring role in a movie now in theatres and is in two other feature films coming out this year.

Robert Maillet is in The Big Bang which stars Antonio Banderas and rap star Snoop Dogg.

41-year-old Maillet said it's a big step in his career.

Robert Maillet was bad guy wrestler Kurgan in the WWE. ((IMDb))
At seven feet tall he was bad guy Kurgan in the wrestling ring for the WWE.

He was also a bad guy in the films Sherlock Holmes and 300.

But in his new movie Maillet gets to show off more than his imposing physique - playing a Russian boxer.

"This is the first time that they wanted to see me act and when I got the call back it felt good, they wanted me for my acting," said Maillet.

Maillet plays a Russian champion boxer who hires Banderas as a private investigator to find a girl he loves.
Maillet plays a Russian boxer in The Big Bang, out Friday. ((

"I kind of follow Antonio's character around. I stalk him throughout. My character is more like a sympathetic character. He's not a bad guy. He might do some bad things," said Maillet.

Even though Maillet has worked with Hollywood stars in Sherlock Holmes and 300, he said he still got slightly star struck on set.

"Some days you have to pinch yourself. It is pretty cool. Makes you realize how fortunate in life you are to be working with those people. Never thought in life you'd ever be working in that type of level."

Maillet also has a big role in the upcoming Hollywood movie The Immortals which comes out November 11.

He plays a minotaur under the control of villain Mickey Rourke.

Maillet will be wearing an elaborate bull mask, but fans should be able to recognize his trademark physical acting and stunts.

"Well there's one where I jump off a balcony — it was a little scary — a little daunting for sure."

Maillet still works the night shift in the sheet metal department at System Air when he's not shooting movies.

He said he has the best of both worlds - he gets to be home in Kent County with his family and he said his Hollywood roles and brushes with fame keep life interesting.