A debut album for a group from Cocagne is getting a boost from the former lead singer of the English rock band Yes.

Mathieu D'Astous and Ginette Ahier have been working on their first album as an Acadian Indi-folk duo called Wanabi Farmeur.

D'Astous and Ahier, who are also a couple outside of the studio with two children, met Jon Anderson of Yes fame at the World Guitar Festival in Quebec.


Jon Anderson was the original lead singer in the English progressive rock act Yes in the sixties and seventies.

Anderson was an original member of Yes in 1968 and remained with the influential, progressive rock band through the late 1970s.

"He just basically said, `Well, you're working on an album, send me some songs and I'll sing harmonies on them,'" said D'Astous.

"So we're like, `Alright, sure. Great,'" he said.

"And one year later we sent him some stuff."

D'Astous wrote and recorded the song Floating Shack in his home studio in Cocagne and then passed it along to Anderson with no expectation he would hear back.

"We just sent him an email and said, `Hey, listen — if you're into it here's a song if it inspires you. If not, that's OK,'" said D'Astous.

"And the next thing you know, he's in California and we're out in Cocagne, and he sent us some tracks."

"So it's kind of a magical thing."

Anderson is helping Wanabi Farmeur at no charge.

"He just wants to share his talent, share his notoriety as well," said D'Astous. "He just seems to be a loving guy who wanted to help other musicians out."

Wanabi Farmeur's debut album also features many Acadian singers and musicians.

It will be released on Oct. 23.