Education Minister Jody Carr confirmed an advanced math class at Fredericton High School will continue next year as a trial program. (CBC)

Education Minister Jody Carr has reversed a decision to cancel an advanced mathematics course at Fredericton High School and will use the next year to study the class.

The special class allows students to work at a faster pace and finish three math courses in two semesters.

The advanced math class was slated to be scrapped next year as the Department of Education continues to transition the high school math curriculum to a system that better reflects a framework used in western Canada.

Several students spoke out about the class’s pending cancellation and that drew the attention of the province’s education minister, who visited the high school to meet with them and discuss the rationale for ending the class.

In the days after the meeting with the Fredericton High School students, the education minister said the students made valid points in a "thoughtful exchange."

'Students have asked for an enhanced opportunity to learn mathematics, and we encourage this drive for achievement.'  — Education Minister Jody Carr

"I am very impressed with the dedication of this group of students to their learning and to the importance of excellence to our province," he said in an email.

"It was valuable to learn of their passion to have significantly challenging learning experiences that address their personal interests. As part of our inclusive 21st century learning objectives within the draft education plan, it is important that we support each student to reach their fullest potential."

The email does not guarantee the advanced math class will survive beyond the trial phase.

But the program will be evaluated and the findings will be included in the provincial government’s high school renewal initiative.

Carr said his director of curriculum will work with the school district and the staff at the school to make sure all education "outcomes" are met.

"Students have asked for an enhanced opportunity to learn mathematics, and we encourage this drive for achievement," Carr said in an email.

"I wish everyone the greatest success during this trial period. I look forward to learning of its development throughout the year."

The high school renewal program will appoint a steering committee that will be formed over the summer and the engagement process will start later in 2013. The education minister said last week he expects recommendations to come by the end of the year.