More than 200 Filipinos from across the Maritimes got together Sunday in Moncton to play sports and share food and stories, but changes to the temporary foreign worker program were a concern for everyone at the celebration.

Many of those at the gathering, hosted by the Filipino Association of New Brunswick, are in Canada under the temporary foreign worker program.

June Retura was enjoying a volleyball tournament, but expressed concern about how much longer she would be able to stay in Canada. She has been working at a fish plant in Deer Island for a year.

"My work is really good. I have a good salary and so I'm really satisfied," said Retura.

Retura said there are 100 other Filipinos at the plant through the temporary foreign workers program, and they are all concerned about changes to the program announced earlier this year. Employers will have to pay higher fees, and workers will not be able to stay as long.

Esthela Pyett, president of the Filipino Association of New Brunswick, is hearing those concerns a lot.

"Especially those who have work permits that are ending or coming to the expiry dates. We are very, very, much concerned," said Pyett.

Pyett said the Filipino Association plans to hold a meeting to find out if there is anything it can do to help people keep their jobs.