Jamaican plane hijacking won't stop N.B. couple's Cuban wedding

A couple from Tracadie-Sheila, N.B., are going ahead with their wedding in Cuba even after living through the CanJet plane hijacking in Jamaica on Monday.

A couple from Tracadie-Sheila, N.B., are going ahead with their wedding in Cuba even after living through the CanJet plane hijacking in Jamaica on Monday.

Family members in the northeastern New Brunswick community say Suzanne Ferguson and Gaspard Comeau were shaken up after the harrowing ordeal aboard CanJet Flight 918, but they are sticking to their wedding plans.

Meanwhile, on Monday, relatives back home, in the community of 4,500, were still talking about the terrifying stop in Jamaica.

Gloria Ferguson, who is the mother of the bride and wasn't on the plane because she's afraid of flying, said she was glad to hear her daughter is safe.

"When I heard her and she said she was OK, that's all that was important for me," Ferguson said.

"I didn't have time to panic or anything, I'm not pleased with that, but what can I say, what can I do? I can't change it. I'm anxious to see them though. I hope that they come back safe." 

Ferguson was among 20 people in a group on the plane that included her teenage daughter, her two sisters and her fiancé.

They were finally allowed off the plane, but had to leave their cash for the gunman.

Then, as her mother describes, Suzanne took her daughter's hand and ran from the aircraft.   

"She ran to the end of the airport, to the back of the airport, she was so scared, oh my God. And her daughter was only 14 years old and she was scared too," she said.

Hijacking ended with no passengers hurt

Flight 918 was taken over by a gunman Sunday night. The standoff ended on Monday after a few hours and no one was hurt.

That led to some relieved, early-morning phone calls back to New Brunswick

Albert Ferguson, Suzanne's father, said his daughter described the terrifying ordeal.

"She said some crazy guy got on the plane with a gun ... he went up and down the alley with his gun ... they were scared," he said.

"She thought they were going to take the plane up and they would all die. So they were really scared."

The tour company that booked the group's flight is arranging to get affected passengers to their travel destinations or, if they prefer, back to their homes.