A 10-year-old who likes tailored clothes and fast talk has captured the attention of the director of the University of New Brunswick's Centre for Financial Studies.

Aidan Reynolds knows a lot about Warren Buffett.

He's a lot like the billionaire, too.

Aidan's favourite thing to do is "Make money."

"After I went to an entrepreneurship camp when I was around eight, and I went that year, was top seller, and made 75 dollars."

Glenn Cleland

Glenn Cleland would like to see Aidan Reynolds score an autograph from Warren Buffett. (CBC)

When Glenn Cleland of UNB's Centre for Financial Studies met the business-savvy elementary school student, he thought of a project.

:"Warren, are you as smart as this 5th grader?" says Cleland.

Each year, Cleland takes his top students to the annual general meeting of Buffett's Berkshire Hatheway Inc. in Nebraska.

Thousands turn out to hear Buffet speak. Cleland thought Aidan might be able to score an autograph from the business magnate, investor and philanthropist.

Cleland's students are mentoring Aidan as a way to reinforce their understanding of the complicated world of investing.

"First time I came here, he asked me what my favourite thing to do was, and I said, "Make money," said Aidan.

The university students have helped Aidan create a fake investment portfolio.

"And I looked up stocks and learned about John Deere and it was a good stock," said Aidan. "I'd always loved John Deere for my whole life because it was my favourite tractor company."

Aidan's Christmas list of presents includes gifts of money. He says he needs to buy B-class shares in Berkshire Hatheway Inc. (NYSE: BRKB) so that he can be an official delegate at the company's annual general meeting in the spring.