An Irish woman who has called Moncton home for over a year is being forced to leave the country next week.

Anna Graham says it would not have happened if the Department of Immigration call centre staff had better training and offered consistent advice.

Her lawyer plans to appeal the decision to the immigration minister in Ottawa.

Graham and her three children from a previous marriage have been living in Moncton as visitors with her Canadian husband, Shawn Graham.

She contends she was told she couldn't apply to immigrate until her three children's passports were up to date.

But it turns out she could have applied as she waited for the passports.

"The kids are happy, settled here," she told CBC News, adding it's the first time they have ever felt at home. "We don't have anything in Ireland. I've told the border control, we're at the Dublin Airport and we have nowhere to go."

Her husband blames the mix-up on misinformation offered by what he calls inexperienced staff at immigration call centres.

The nearest office is in Fredericton, but people can't show up in person.

"They are my family. I love them. I don't want them to go," he said.

Halifax immigration lawyer Lee Cohen, who represents the Grahams, says the complaint is common.

"People tell me they call on more than one occasion asking the same question and they very frequently get different answers to the same question from different agents at the call centre," he said.

Cohen is putting together an appeal, but as it stands, Graham and her three children are scheduled to leave for Ireland on Nov. 7.