The Alward government will be spending up to $480,000 to create 60 new tech jobs in the province over the next five years.

Introhive, a data analytics company, plans to expand its operations in Fredericton and Saint John, more than doubling its existing staff.

“Our investment in Introhive is an important part of our plan to create jobs and opportunities in our communities," Premier David Alward said during an announcement in Fredericton on Wednesday.

Introhive has developed software that analyzes relationship and communications data to improve how companies market, sell and manage their customers.

Co-founder and CEO Jody Glidden says the funding will help the company compete in the global market and accelerate its success.

"We’re tackling some really tough problems at Introhive … so the quality of people we can get is extremely important to us," he said.

"Our biggest competitors are in Ireland and in the U.S. and you know, all over the world, so really, I think having the fact that we’re headquartered here, and we’re finding such good talent here, that we feel we can compete and we are winning in this space, I think is a testament to this province and what we’ve done here."

The new jobs will include program managers, developers, customer support specialists and quality assurance specialists.