ING Direct is planning to close its call centre in Ottawa and move to Moncton, CBC News had learned.

New Brunswick Premier David Alward is scheduled to make the announcement next week.

Business New Brunswick and Enterprise Greater Moncton have been trying to lure the ING jobs to the province for some time.

The international banking company has decided to move its bilingual call center operation to Moncton, and most of the 130 employees will be offered a chance to relocate.

News reports out of Ottawa say ING has run into difficulty recruiting and keeping qualified people.

The job market in the capital is highly competitive. The minimum hourly wage in Ontario is $10.50 — a dollar more per hour than in New Brunswick.

Alward is expected to explain next week what, if any, incentives were given to ING to relocate. These could include tax breaks, loans or job training assistance - incentives other call centres in the province have received.

The company will start hiring employees next month, but it will take several months to transfer operations from Ottawa to Moncton.