Dr. Cristin Muecke says the disease can't be spread by indirect contact. (CBC)

Students and staff at Nashwaaksis Middle School are not at risk of catching an infectious disease that killed a staff member, says a public health official.

Dr. Cristin Muecke, Fredericton's regional medical officer of health, says she can't say what disease it was because the department can't release any personal health information.

"Any information on specific diseases is provided really on a need to know basis. So we really look at each individual situation. Certainly, there are certain pieces of personal health information that are always off the table," she said.

But the disease can't be spread by indirect contact, such as touching a desk, said Muecke.

"It's also not caused by casual contact, so in other words, the type of contact one would see in a school setting is not considered risky contact."

The onset of symptoms associated with the condition is normally within a few days of exposure, said Muecke.

Public health has been investigating the matter for several weeks, she said.

The Department of Health recently sent parents a letter, informing them public health had conducted the investigation.

More than 700 students attend Nashwaaksis Middle School.