The Saint John Police have shut down Grandview Avenue from the lights at Bayside Drive up to Champlain Heights. (CBC)

A leak in a Saint John industrial park has been fixed and traffic is now flowing again, according to the Saint John Police.

Saint John Police had been diverting traffic in the city’s east end on Wednesday morning because of a leak at Praxair, near the Irving Oil Ltd. refinery.

Saint John Police Sgt. Jay Henderson said an unknown white gas was leaking sporadically from the company's facility.

"Just recently, employees with Praxair have arrived at the business and have sealed off that sporadic leak and we have now taken down all of the roadblocks and opened up the area," Henderson said.

Praxair sells a variety of industrial gases such as those used in welding.

Traffic reports say vehicles on the city's east side is backed up along Loch Lommond Road due to the earlier closures​.

The police had shut down Grandview Avenue from the lights at Bayside Drive up to Champlain Heights while fire crews investigate.

The Saint John Police received a call at 6 a.m. about a leak from a self-contained tank on Praxair's property. The police and members of the Saint John Fire Department sealed off the area.

The police had also evacuated other businesses around Praxair as a precautionary measure.

Police originally indicated the leak came from a rail car leaking.