Long and McQuade

La Guitare was sold last month to music giant Long and McQuade. (Facebook)

The sale of La Guitare to a Canada-wide chain is raising questions about the future of one of the last independent music stores in Moncton.

La Guitare has been a staple in downtown Moncton for more than 30 years, offering music lessons and selling a wide variety of instruments.

Last month, Don Richard, the store’s owner, decided to sell the shop to music giant Long and McQuade.

The store remains open on St. George Street, but its future is up in the air.

Richard, who is now the store manager, said he poured his heart into the business for 22 years but was ready to hand off the burden.

“It'll live on in the sense that all our staff is still here and we're still doing the same job. I guess a small part of me would like to stay downtown only because I know it's really convenient for our customers here,” he said.

“If you want to stop in for a pack of strings or a set of drum sticks you can do it in 45 seconds to a minute.”

It's unknown whether La Guitare will remain on St. George Street, or if it will move to Long and McQuade's existing location in the Trinity Drive area once its lease is up.

Either way, all 20 of its teaching staff in both Moncton and Dieppe will remain employed.

Steve Long, the president of Long and McQuade, said the idea behind purchasing La Guitare wasn't so much about buying out the competition.

But Long said merging with the store is about tapping into the francophone market in the city.

“We have our store there that's done very well with the English community and somewhat with the French,” he said.

“They're also a big supporter of lessons, which is something we do a lot of. So by putting the two together, it allows us to focus on both sides of the market.”