Immigration hearing for captured fugitive begins

An immigration hearing for captured America's Most Wanted fugitive Richard Lee McNair began in Fredericton on Monday.

Animmigration hearing for captured America's Most Wanted fugitive Richard Lee McNair began in Fredericton on Monday.

During the hearing, McNair, 48, will have a chance to explain how he entered Canada. If he chooses to fight any attempt to send him back to the United States, he may also face an extradition hearing.

"We're very anxious to get him back. This process of looking for McNair has been 18 months," said Glenn Belgard, deputy U.S. marshal in Louisiana, in a telephone interview. "We're anxious to put an end to this and put Mr. McNair back behind bars, where he belongs."

McNair will likely spend the rest of his three life sentences in a super-maximum security prison in Florence, Colo., Belgard said.

"I'm sure they're taking all measures necessary at this time to ensure he'll remain in custody."

McNair was convicted of killing a truck driver during a botched 1987 robbery at a grain elevator in Minot, N.D.

Before being nabbed by the RCMP, he was considered one of America's 15 most wanted and had been on the run for 18 months after escaping a federal penitentiary in Louisiana in April 2006.

He was captured in the northern New Brunswick town of Campbellton on Thursday.

There were two confirmed sightings of McNair in Penticton, B.C., just weeks after his escape.

McNair has a history of escapes.

He has used lip balm to slip out of handcuffs, and clawed his way through a prison ventilation systemto gain temporary freedom.

In his latest escape, he hid in a pile of mailbags and was shipped to a local warehouse before he began running down nearby railway tracks.

He was stopped by a local police officer looking for him, but managed to talk his way out of the arrest by convincing theofficer he was someone else, andjust out for a jog.

The almost 10-minute encounter was caught on a dashboard cam and is now posted on YouTube.

McNair was finally captured in New Brunswick after RCMP tried to pull over a white van with Ontario plates.

The van driverrefused to pull over, and after he drove into a dead end and fled on foot, McNair was tackled by a rookie constable who had been on the job for just six weeks.

With files from the Canadian Press