Parents of children at a New Brunswick school that has a mould problem in its gymnasium have a tough decision to make.  

The gym at Ian Baillie Primary School in Miramichi has a mould problem and parents have to decide whether to keep their children at the school without the gym or have them temporarily re-located to a middle school in the area.

Tanya Godfrey is on the Building a Future for Our Children committee. Her son attends the school.

“I think it’s hard to ask parents to make that decision, not knowing what’s coming next," she said. "What’s going to happen next year? Is Ian Baillie going to be fixed?”      

Lori O'Neill, a member of the committee, said the community has been promised a new primary school for years. She said she’s worried a temporary re-location to the middle school could become a permanent one.

“What frustrates me most is that I understand that there's not enough money to go around the province and we have to be fiscally responsible. I understand that, but what I need is a commitment as to what are the stages to get us to that new school, and what are you going to do in the short term? That’s what frustrates me most,” said O’Neill.

Marie-Claude Blais, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, was unavailable for an interview to confirm long-term plans for Ian Baillie school.

A public meeting about the problem at the school will be held on Sunday.

Results of tests on the gym's mould are expected next week.