Chipman Hill Suites

The episode of Hotel Impossible featuring Chipman Hill Suites will air in February. (Google Street View)

A Saint John city councillor says she was put through the wringer while filming an episode of the reality television show, Hotel Impossible — a program aimed at improving hotels.

Coun. Susan Fullerton owns the business, Chipman Hill Suites, in the city's uptown.

She said she decided to sign up for the show after watching host and industry expert, Anthony Melchiorri get tough with business owners across North America.

"We watched it for some time. I regularly have housekeepers and management from Chipman Hill Suites come to my house where we watch an episode of Hotel Impossible I had recorded, and then we dissect it all and say, 'Anthony didn't like this, and he didn't like that, and are we sure we don't do that, and are we sure that we do the other,'" said Fullerton.

"And then I'll make lunch for everybody, and we finish lunch and we come back in and sit down and watch another show."

The television crew set up on Chipman Hill last week, said Fullerton, to film the experience she called "gruelling."

"Anthony has a very strong personality and he tends to be volatile," said Fullerton. "And he yelled at me for about four days straight. But I've got a fairly thick skin."

Melchiorri, known for setting the bar high for his show, said he was impressed by what he saw at Chipman Hill Suites.

"The hotel is probably one of the cleanest hotels I've been in in years," he said. "The buildings are spectacularly maintained, however, there was a lot of infrastructure to be taken care of.

"When you see the show you'll understand what I mean."

Fullerton said the hotel business in Saint John is tough right now, and she appreciates the advice from Melchiorri.

"The hotel business is down, like many businesses, restaurants, car sales, pretty much anything, you name it," she said.

"But the city is about to go on an upturn, and in order to catch that upturn we want to be the very best we can be."

The episode of Hotel Impossible featuring Chipman Hill Suites will air in February on the Travel Channel.