It's becoming less likely that the shuttered Weyerhaeuser mill in Miramichi will reopen under new ownership, according to a company spokesman.

The permanent closure of the mill in June 2008 affected 150 workers in the northern community. The company has been trying to sell the property.

Weyerhaeuser spokesman Wayne Roznowski said a potential deal to sell the mill to Quebec company Arbec Forest Products fell through this month and there are currently no other serious potential buyers.

"You never say never but having said that, we've been carrying this facility for a couple of years and not running it and at some point we really do need to get on with decommissioning it if we can't sell it," Roznowski said.

Weyerhaeuser will no longer be able to sell the mill as a certified oriented standboard mill after it is decommissioned.

"We are still working with the Department of Environment to get final approval for the decommissioning," he said.

"Once that occurs, we intend to start decommissioning the facility. The intent would be that by the end of the year the facility would not be operating as an OSB mill."

Roznowsky said the mill should be decommissioned by the first snowfall.