New Brunswick homeowners are rushing to meet the deadline for Efficiency NB's residential energy rebate program before it's cancelled due to budget cuts.

The deadline to book an audit is Friday, and while auditing companies say business is brisk now, they don't expect it to last.

"Just as we started picking up our pace again, then all of a sudden, we heard about the cancellation, which wasn't a fun thing to hear, obviously, because it's my career," said energy advisor Rick Bourque.

New Brunswick energy audit

Energy advisor Rick Bourque is doing an energy audit on Steve Clerke's home. (CBC)

"The actual end date of the program is September 30, so I don't know if I'm going to have a job after that."

The program worked because it provided an incentive for people to get their homes running more efficiently, said Bourque.

"Some people are sitting on their couch saying, "Oh I've got to insulate my attic." And then the following year they say it again and then the following year they say it again and they know they need to do it," said Bourque.

"But when they hear there is a little bit of money available, and in some cases sometimes a lot of money available, they get up off that couch and they call us."

Impact on tradespeople

Steve Clerke heard about the program through friends.

"We actually noticed that a room is colder, there is a draft around a window and things like that can be done."

Clerke will have six months to complete any renovations or upgrades.

Bourque will return for a second inspection once the work is done.

Joe Godbout - custom

The energy rebate program was popular, says energy advisor Joe Godbout. (CBC)

Bourque's boss Joe Godbout said the rebates were popular and he is baffled that a province-wide program that helped 30,000 homeowners is coming to an end.

"We've never been as busy since 2006. I mean, everybody is trying to get in by the deadline," said. Godbout.

"I've had so many calls from contractors really disappointed, a lot of them. I mean they weren't that busy last summer, so imagine with the cuts to these programs, trying to keep their staff, in New Brunswick right? It's going to be a big impact on tradespeople for sure."