The Fredericton Youth Hockey Association is hoping its newly-rebranded female program will attract more girls to the sport.

Derek Kitchen, co-ordinator of female hockey for the association, said the group has launched a new logo and name for the girls' teams, which will now be known as the Fredericton Furies.

"We'll be going from the one peewee team we had this season to having at least three — one in the atom, one in the peewee and one in the bantam level," he said.


The FHYA Lady Sharks were crowned league champions of the Southern New Brunswick Female Hockey League in March. (Courtesy of FYHA)

"We'll also potentially be looking at an all-female girls team in the novice level."

The new jerseys feature a black shield with a purple mask.

Kitchen says the new name and logo were inspired by Greek mythology as well as a group of comic book characters.

"We came across Furies, which in Greek mythology were three goddesses you really didn't want to mess with too much," he said.

"From there, we also found the DC comic where they also had a number of comic book characters that were collectively known as the Furies."