Parkindale Hall, a popular music venue near Petitcodiac, is still mopping up after last week's flood.

Last Wednesday, nearly two metres of water surrounded Parkindale Hall, a historic building that hosts local and touring musicians every two weeks.             

Operators are still trying to determine what the long-term damage will be, says Derrick Beardsworth, the hall’s music booker.

But support from outside the community helped soften the blow after the flood, he says.

"It was nice, getting emails and phone calls from all over, really all over the world,[from people] who have been to the hall and appreciate its value and uniqueness. So it was nice to see all those people come together," said Beardsworth.

"It's a great community gathering spot. It really brings the community together. Parkindale and surrounding area is small, the houses are miles apart, so every two weeks, it gives a chance for people to come out and socialize and meet their neighbours. It has a big impact on the community, for sure."

Parkindale Hall is scheduled to host Thom Swift on May 3. Beardsworth says he's hopeful that the building will be cleaned up in time for the show.

Debby Geldart, the hall’s director, is worried about the damage that's not yet visible — beneath the floors and behind the walls.

"It's a landmark, it's really the only thing we have in Parkindale. It's a place for the community to get together. Without it, I don’t know what we'd do," said Geldart.