The historic Moncton High School building has been put up for sale by the provincial government.

Moncton High School is up for sale on the New Brunswick government’s website after a series of requests for proposals to redevelop the historic building failed.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams said in a statement on Friday the school would be maintained by the provincial government until the building is sold.

The provincial government will still impose conditions for protecting the history as a part of any sale of the 78-year-old building.

“Marketing the property on our website is the next best option for identifying a future use and ensuring that Moncton High School continues to have a key role in the community,” Williams said in a statement.

“We remain committed to preserving and respecting the history and heritage of the building as we continue to seek opportunities for the property.”

The sale notice describes the building as a two-and-a-half story "Collegiate Gothic Revival style stone building." The building is roughly 16.428 square metres and is located on 2.8 hectares in the city’s downtown.

The department set the price for the property at $1 million "to reflect the substantial costs associated with remediation and re-development."

Moncton High will not be decommissioned until the new school opens later this year on Elmwood Drive, according to the provincial government.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has issued two requests for proposals since 2012.

One developer came forward after the initial request for proposals phase but Williams said the Toronto-based company did not meet the provincial government’s criteria.

Another request for proposals was sent out in September 2013, but that process also failed.

This week a group of citizens said they were concerned about the fate of the high school building.