A national employment outlook survey predicts slugging hiring for Saint John between April and June. (City of Saint John)

A national labour survey is predicting Saint John will be one of the toughest places in the country to find a job this spring, while Moncton will be one of the best.

In its latest employment outlook survey, the national recruiting agency, Manpower Inc., found 75 per cent of employers in Canada plan to keep current staffing levels for the period from April until June, while five per cent plan to make cuts.

The results were less favourable in Saint John, with 13 per cent of employers planning to make cuts.

In a news release, Manpower called the hiring climate for Saint John "sluggish."

Mindy Stoltz, the manager of manpower's Saint John office, said only 13 per cent of employers in Saint John are planning to hire in the upcoming quarter, which is a drop of 15 percentage points compared to the previous quarterly outlook from Manpower. 

"I just know right now, it's not promising going into the next hiring quarter."

June Anderson is among that 13 per cent. She runs a gourmet cooking oil store called Liquid Gold in Saint John which is about to celebrate one year of business.

Anderson is advertising for a shift manager, but said she is being choosy about who she hires.

"We certainly have a lot of people who apply but we're looking for a particular type," Anderson said. "We're looking for a foodie."

Moncton outlook strong

Manpower is predicting a strong hiring climate for the second quarter in Moncton.

Survey data showed 25 per cent of employers in the city plan to hire between April and June, while just three per cent are anticipating cuts.

Seventy-two per cent of Moncton employers plan to maintain their staffing levels.

The survey found Moncton's outlook showed a slight increase of two percentage points over the previous quarterly outlook. 

Manpower spoke with 1900 employers from various sectors for the survey.