Students across New Brunswick are participating in anti-bullying activities Wednesday to mark Pink Shirt Day.

The day was created in 2007 to mark opposition to bullying. It started as a a show of support for a Grade 9 student in Nova Scotia who was bullied after wearing a pink shirt to school.

Anti Bullying Flag

Grace Fenton and teacher Ben Kelly display Fenton's award-winning anti-bullying flag. (Tori Weldon / CBC)

At Caledonia Regional High School in Hillsborough, Grade 7 student Grace Fenton won $2,500 for her school by designing an award-winning anti-bullying flag.

"I was going through designs and designs but it stuck with one I did of a hand then I ended up doing a hand stretching across," she said. "I submitted that and that got picked, I was really excited, a lot of hand-rubbing."

Fenton made 12 designs before she settled on a winner — two hands joined across a pink background.

Fenton says she knows what it's like to be picked on and she doesn't want other students to have to suffer through the same thing.

"If you see someone, help them up," says Fenton. "If you're down, they'll help you up. If you have an opportunity, don't bully."

Riverview Anti-Bullying flag

Grace Fenton's anti-bullying flag flies at Riverview town hall. (Tori Weldon / CBC)

Teacher Ben Kelly says the prize money went towards computer programs and equipment and 12 professionally made flags featuring Fenton's design.

"Premier David Alward has one, the minister of education, the MP Rob Moore for Fundy region," said Kelly. "So we really went after the people who could spread the story and make a difference."

Local mayors were also sent an Anti-Bullying flag. Kelly says so far Riverview and Hillsborough are both flying it proudly.