Machines chewing through Highfield Square have completed three of the four phases of demolition, says the company tearing down the old Moncton mall. 

Giovanni Corazza, the president of Tri-Cor Holding, says his company has started the fourth and final phase. With most of the brick and steel of the Bay dismantled, little remains. 

"We did [have] some significant asbestos removal, but the builder in me found that these buildings were in very good condition and I've noticed that consistently throughout during the demolition," Corazza said. 

"[I've seen] a lot of nostalgia. People have some fond memories of what was, and I see a lot of pictures taken with iPhones for souvenir's sake."

‚ÄčA different company will remediate the land.          

Bruce Tait, the director of municipal facilities for the City of Moncton, says regular soil sampling has not revealed anything unexpected. 

The buildings should be gone by Christmas, and the land could be ready for re-occupation in the spring.