ice jam

The Emergency Measures Organization is watching ice jams on rivers in different parts of the province. People living near rivers are being advised to stay on alert for rising water levels. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

New Brunswickers are being warned to be on alert for high water levels for at least another week, according to the province’s Emergency Measures Organization.

Paul Bradley, a spokesperson for the River Watch 2014 program, said there's a bit of relief right now in the Perth-Andover and Woodstock areas.

Bradley said most of the ice that was jammed below Bull's Creek has moved out.

"Water levels are still pretty high in most areas. We have seen levels decrease in the northern part of the St. John River, that includes the Perth-Andover area, they were able to lift their voluntary evacuation order yesterday morning. Things have stabilized there," he said.

"But [further] south, Fredericton and down, the water levels are high and remain at or above flood stage from Jemseg all the way to the bottom."

Bradley said there's still a lot of snow to melt in the northern part of the province and a lot of ice to come through the river system.

He said emergency officials are closely monitoring a large ice jam on the Restigouche and Matapedia rivers.

Bradley also said there is concern about a large amount of rain in the forecast and how there is not much room for it in the rivers. Environment Canada is forecasting 30 millimetres of rain in Madawaska County.

Meanwhile, Bradley said health and safety inspectors should be finished their work in homes in the Sussex area on Tuesday.

There was significant flooding in Sussex and Sussex Corner last week. The mayor of Sussex Corner declared a state of emergency after roughly 70 per cent of his village was flooded.

Sussex Mayor Marc Thorne estimated last week that between 150 and 200 homes in his town were affected by the flood. The town had to call in extra emergency resources to help rescue citizens and deal with the flood.