The New Brunswick government is warning that heavy rainfalls expected in the next three days may cause flooding.

Environment Canada has issued a heavy rainfall warning for most of New Brunswick with as much as 120 millimetres of rain expected to fall in central, southeastern and southwestern regions by late Saturday.

The province’s River Watch program said the heavy rain could create "localized flooding, particularly where normal drainage systems are overwhelmed."

Homeowners are advised to take precautions to avoid any possible flooding, such as clearing rain gutters, culverts and ditches.

"People with boats, recreational furniture and equipment should move them to higher ground. Those who have cattle on islands should take the necessary precautions to protect their livestock," the government advisory stated.

Other municipalities and organizations are taking steps to warn people about potential flooding or mitigation any  issues.

J.D. Irving Ltd. has opened the Lake Utopia hydroelectric dam in St. George due to heavy rain in the forecast.

Saint John’s municipal operations department issued a statement on Friday asking people to take steps to prepare for potential flooding.

As well, Saint John Water will be watching water quality closely in the two surface water supplies – Latimer Lake and Spruce Lake.

Meanwhile, Moncton has also issued a warning for residents. City officials issued a statement on Friday saying they did "not expect any major issues," but encouraged citizens to report any signs of flooding or other hazards.

On Friday, the heavy wind knocked down a street light in the downtown area.

As well, Moncton's Dragon Boat Festival was cancelled on Friday after Jones Lake was drained due to the heavy rain in the forecast.