Many parts of central and southern New Brunswick were pounding by a rain storm on Wednesday that caused flooding in many communities.

Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning on Wednesday and had expected 40 millimetres of rain to fall in many areas of the province.

The province’s River Watch program also issued an advisory to people in southern New Brunswick.

The heavy rains and warming temperatures are expected to cause water levels continue to rise in streams, tributaries and rivers. The water levels are expected to peak on Friday.

Nadine Caissie-Long, a River Watch official, said Wednesday’s rain did cause an immediate problem in many communities.

"There is localized flooding because of the amount of rain that has fallen and the rain is melting the snow," she said. "Localized flooding can be caused by drains being plugged. Once those are cleared up, the water will flow through."


Many areas of Fredericton experienced localized flooding on Wednesday. (CBC)

Fredericton residents witnessed some of the heaviest rainfall levels in the province. Almost 60 mm of rain caused many streets in the city to be closed off or submerged.

Claire McGee lives on Cliffe Street on the city’s north side, where many areas were flooded on Wednesday.

"My street, Fieldstone [Court], connects to Cliffe and right there at the connection you saw waves going across each other because of the two currents meeting up together," McGee said.

"I said to my daughter, 'Look, there are actually waves in the street.'"

Ryan Drost said the flooding situation was also causing problems near Leo Hayes High School.

"One car actually got stuck, it stalled out in the water, they couldn't get it started. Not quite sure what came of it," Drost said.

"I drove through it and you could feel the pull on the vehicle. I mean, it was an outstanding amount of water."

There was also 60 mm of rain in the southwestern community of St. George. By mid-afternoon on Wednesday, J.D. Irving Ltd. had removed all of its "stop logs" from the company’s hydro dam in the community to allow more water to flow through.

The company also opened an emergency spill at 2:40 p.m. to lower the water levels, officials said.