Fire crews responded to this Ellerdale Street apartment on Sept. 1 after tenants reported some nasty flooding. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Two families in an east Saint John apartment building are temporarily displaced after a storm and a leaky roof created problems with the building's electrical system.

Eleanor Blue said she woke up Sunday morning to a steady stream of water pouring down from her ceiling and found a chunk of it on her floor.

Some residents living in the units below said water was coming out of their light fixtures, which prompted them to phone the fire department.

Platoon Chief Kevin Forrest with the Saint John Fire Department said the Ellerdale Street tenants did the right thing by calling for help.

"What appears to have happened is the water has gone into the electrical fixtures and has shorted them out and as a precautionary matter we're going to isolate the two units," he said.

The Red Cross is putting Blue's family and one other up in a hotel while everything dries out.