New Brunswick heating oil companies say they're struggling to hang on financially and want consumers to pay more than what is recommended in an independent consultant's report.

The companies are asking the Energy and Utilities Board to raise home delivery prices beyond the 4.4 cents a litre increase proposed by consultant Michael Ervin.

If the energy board grants the companies' request, it will add $15 to $20 to the price of a typical delivery.

The companies are unhappy with Ervin what came up with and are arguing for a 7.3 cents a litre increase.

"When you start making statements to the effect that I'm getting rich because the New Brunswick margins are much better than any place else, it's not true sir," Jim Gould of Fundy Energy said at the hearing.


Home heating oil companies in New Brunswick want to charge an extra 7.3 cents per litre for home delivery. (CBC)

Ervin responded: "I don't think you can find anything I wrote in my report that you're getting rich."