The lights are not on in a number of apartments in Hartland, N.B. (Virginia Mayo/AP).

Several tenants in Hartland continue to live without power because a dispute with the landlord has meant the bill hasn't been paid.

Rebecca Haines and a number of other people have been without electricity for about two weeks.

"It's not fair that I have to live without power. And it's wrong," Haines said.

There are four other apartment units in her building, and they're all without power.

Landlord Jason Crouse said he didn't have the money to pay his bills because some tenants haven't been paying their rent.

A second property in Hartland, known for having the longest covered bridge in the world, is also without power for the same reason.

Crouse said he hopes to get the power back by the fall when he has more money.

In the meantime, tenants have been asked to leave.

"[It's] very upsetting because you've got to put your stuff in storage again and give some of your stuff away," said Haines.

NB Power says tenants should work with their landlord to come to an acceptable resolution. This means the company won't turn on the power until the balance is paid.