A shortage of firewood is being reported in southeastern New Brunswick. (CBC)

A shortage of firewood in southeastern New Brunswick has people scrambling to keep the home fires burning.

Denyse Milliken of Dorchester has burned through six cords of firewood this winter and is looking for more.

Milliken has tried seven suppliers in the Dorchester area and says no one has any wood left.

"I've been asking around to everybody I know," she said. "I've been looking on Kijiji I even posted on Facebook and nobody's got wood."

Milliken says she can't recall a winter like this one.

"I've been burning wood in my home now for about nine years, 10 years and I honestly don't remember ever running out of wood before," she said.

"This is just crazy. Usually we have some leftover but at the end of the season it's just been unreal this year."

Mike Duffy has a small independent woodlot in Sackville.

He says he has received calls from people looking for firewood, but he doesn't have any wood remaining.

"We've had a couple of really bad cold snaps this year," said Duffy.

"We've had a heavier winter than we've had in a long time, so a lot of people are having bigger fires and being forced to burn longer. So what they're accustomed to buying is not lasting near as long as they previously had."