After years of caring for his elderly father, a Hampton man took drastic action Friday, going to his MP's office with the intention of leaving his 83-year-old dad there. 

Murray Donovan said he's losing hope after the federal government turned down their candidate for a foreign, live-in caregiver. 

"They told me that I can't just drop him off and leave him here but what am I to do?” said Donovan standing inside MP Rob Moore's office Friday.

His father, Bill, is a diabetic and an amputee. The live-in caregiver they had been expecting, an Ethiopian woman, will not be coming to help them. 

"We waited and waited and finally the woman contacted us to tell us that she was denied,” he said.

Donovan succeeded in getting approval to hire a foreign worker after advertising unsuccessfully in Canada. 

When the person they wanted was denied entry, Bill Donovan's daughter Glenda flew to Africa to try to get the decision reversed at the Canadian embassy in Nairobi. 

She said she could not get a meeting there.

Donovan and his family had even purchased a bungalow and renovated it to suit the elder Donovan and his round-the-clock care-giver. It is currently sitting empty.

Instead, Bill Donovan has been living in the home of his son and his partner.

"I got fed up,” said Donovan. “I ended up bringing my father here under the intention of letting Rob Moore's office deal with it.”

After meeting with Donovan, Moore said there is little he can do.

"In this particular case the individual from Ethiopia was found not to have the required experience to serve as a live-in caregiver for someone in Canada. So the opportunity to bring someone over is still there."

In the end father and son agreed to leave the constituency office.