Fisheries and Oceans Canada officers were confronted by some frustrated fishermen in the Hammond River area in 2013. (CBC)

The Department of Natural Resources is giving anglers in southern New Brunswick plenty of warning this year that a section of the Hammond River near Saint John will remain closed until May 1.

Last year, many anglers were caught off guard when they showed up on the Hammond River on April 15 to learn the river was still closed.

At the last minute, DNR officers closed a stretch of the river from French Village to Nauwigewauk.

This year the river's closure is spelled out in the booklet people receive with their fishing licence.

"What's trying to be achieved is a bit of protection for the salmon, that are trying to leave the river after staying all winter," said Sean Doyle, the project manager with the Hammond River Angling Association, said.

The early season closure is taken care of but a misprint by the Department of Natural Resources could cause confusion later in the fishing season.

The 2014 rule book says starting on July 15 the Hammond River is fly fishing only between McGonagle Brook and French Village.

When, in fact, it is restricted to fly fishing all the way to Nauwigewauk.

Doyle said the department is trying to correct the mistake.