A Lincoln family is once again using their creatively-decorated house to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Dany Falle and his wife, Catherine, raised $13,000 for the children’s charity last December by drawing thousands of people to watch their music and light show.

After the success of their Christmas light show, Falle decided to program a slightly more ghoulish display for Halloween.

The light show lasts for about 30 minutes and it includes 15 songs.

Visitors, such as Connie Morehouse, just need to set their car radio to the right station to hear the songs the light show is programmed to coincide with.


A Lincoln family is using their Halloween light show to raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation. (CBC)

"You don't see anything like this very often," said Morehouse. "And everybody likes to come out, especially the children, they love it."

The Christmas show took 138 hours to put together and attracted a lot of attention, said Dany Falle.

"From here to the Lincoln Road is exactly 3.1 kilometres, and we were told that three times we had lineups bumper to bumper all the way to that road," he said.

Falle said it normally takes 18 to 25 hours to program one song. He said one of the 15 songs in the Halloween display took 35 hours to program.

The actual light display took another 20 hours to set up.

The hours of programming and preparation are creating a buzz in the small community, located just outside of Fredericton.

Seven-year-old Charissa MacBeth said the Halloween show left a lasting impression on her and her mother.

"My mom screamed when she saw the guy on the bike and then she creeped me out," MacBeth said.

Falle said he isn’t sure how much money their Halloween display has raised so far.

But he is already setting high expectations for his next light show.

Falle is promising that this year’s Christmas display will be bigger and better than the one in 2011.