A New Brunswick woman is pleading for the public's help to find her daughter's lost camera, which contains some precious pictures.

Carolyn Hosking and her late husband, Doug

Carolyn Hosking, pictured here with her late husband, Doug, felt joy at the news a camera she lost in the Moncton area that contained other pictures of him, had been found. (Facebook)

"Carolyn [Hosking] lost her husband [Doug]

to brain cancer in May," and pictures of him were on the camera, said Ruth Rayburn-Arsenault.

"Unfortunately, she hadn't downloaded it, and so it's a great loss to her," said Rayburn-Arsenault, her voice breaking with emotion.

"And she also lost her father last week, so this has been very devastating."

Rayburn-Arsenault, who lives in Rothesay, says her daughter was visiting from B.C. and they went to the greater Moncton area for the day on Wednesday.

The small silver and black Canon digital camera fell out of Hosking's pocket somewhere between Hopewell Hill and Casino New Brunswick.

They searched everywhere to no avail, said Rayburn-Arsenault.

"And I thought, 'Well maybe some honest person out there will find it and know how important this is to us and will return it,'" she said.

"Even if the person doesn't want to give us the camera back, even if they could give us the little chip inside the camera, then we could download the pictures. The camera can be replaced, but the photos can’t."

Anyone with information about the camera is asked to email Rayburn-Arsenault at radiantrayburn@gmail.com, or contact the casino's lost and found department.