Tourism Minister Trevor Holder previously said Anchorage Provincial Park lost money last year. (CBC)

The Boys and Girls Club of Grand Manan Island will operate Anchorage Provincial Park this season, Tourism Minister Trevor Holder announced on Tuesday.

The agreement comes after the provincial government announced last month it was laying off the park's 13 staff members and looking for a third party operator to take over.

"Our intention has never been to walk away from the park," said Holder.

But Liberal MLA Rick Doucet, who represents Charlotte-The Isles, contends it was community pressure that persuaded the government not to close the park.

"Thank you Grand Manan for being part of getting Alward government to react on the Anchorage Park," Doucet posted on Twitter. "Well done awareness campaign of issues."

The Boys and Girls Club put forward "an innovative plan for operating the park," Holder said in a statement.

The deal covers the 2013 season, but the department hopes an arrangement can be made to secure the park's operation for years to come, he said.

Several other provincial parks have been operated by third parties for a number of years.

Grand Manan Mayor Dennis Greene said he is pleased. "We understand the provincial government's fiscal situation and support the decision to find a third-party operator for the park."

The park is slated to open at the end of month.