Grand Manan ferry service set to resume tonight

Grand Manan will have ferry service tonight, says the president of Coastal Transport.

Old ferry, Grand Manan V, reactivated while the Adventure awaits repairs

Grand Manan ferry service will resume by tonight, says the president of Coastal Transport.

The Grand Manan V, which is normally docked during the winter months, has been reactivated while the Adventure awaits repairs, said Murray Ryder.

It will sail from Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan Island at 5:30 p.m., return to Blacks Harbour and then anchor in Grand Manan overnight, he said.

Ryder had originally expected it would take crews until Wednesday night to get the Grand Manan V ready, but they were able to complete the work sooner than anticipated.

Meanwhile, the Adventure remains docked at Blacks Harbour after the turbo charger system overheated on Monday, causing it to malfunction, said Ryder.

It's unclear how long the repairs will take, he said. Crews are still trying to source the specialized replacement parts needed, which were supposed to last the life of the engine — about 25 years, he said.

The Adventure is the only year-round link between the island and the mainland.

It was about 20 minutes out of the island's North Head area on Monday when crews noticed a failure and had to switch to a backup power system, said Ryder.

The $68-million ferry is only about two years old but has been plagued by repeated technical problems.

The vessel, which is owned by the provincial government, is past its warranty period. Coastal Transport, which has a contract to operate the ferry, will cover the repairs.