The people of Grand Manan are still paying to use their ferry.

That's even though it has been four months since an island-wide referendum approved the removal of fares, and two years since the Alward Conservatives promised to lift them.

Residents of Grand Manan were divided during the lead-up to May's referendum on lifting fees to use the ferry. In the end those favouring an end to the charges were in a slim majority.

Grand Manan Village Mayor Dennis Greene says all that he's heard is that the fares will be lifted some-time during this government's mandate - which has two years remaining. And he doesn't expect any change in the near future. Green says Coastal Transport is about to start selling ferry tickets for months down the road....

"They're bringing in a reservation system starting after the thanksgiving weekend," said Greene. "People can purchase a reservation 90 days in advance."

Liberal MLA Rick Doucet represents Grand Manan. He doesn't expect to see the fares lifted anytime soon.

"They'll probably do it just in time, prior to the election and they'll try to make themselves a bunch of heroes here," said Doucet.

A spokesperson for the department of transportation says the decision on fares will be made by the government rather than the department. She said the Minister, Claude Williams, is out of the province this week.