The company that runs ferry service between Grand Manan Island and mainland New Brunswick says it will be at least several days before its primary vessel is running again.

The $68 million MV Grand Manan Adventure has been plagued by problems and broke down again on Friday.

"We’re having trouble with a turbocharger," said Gregg Ryder, general manager of Coastal Transport Ltd, which operates the ferry.

"It’s under investigation right now to determine a cause of the failure of the turbocharger. We are also at this time looking for another turbocharger in continental North America, for starters."

Coastal Transport is hoping the MV Grand Manan V, which it uses during the summer, can be pushed into action so ferry service can resume by 5:30 p.m.

The Grand Manan Adventure is owned by the New Brunswick government and has faced a series of setbacks since it was launched in 2011.

The turbocharger broke in July, leading to eight cancelled crossings. Last month the ferry was also out of commission after the engine overheated.

Just four days after its maiden voyage in August 2011, the vessel's two bow thrusters failed. It broke down again in 2012 and was out of service for nine days.