Free-range chicken sliders and lobster might not be your average chip truck entrées, but Jamie Lynch hopes his mobile bistro will take off in New Brunswick.

Gourmet food trucks are gaining popularity across Canada and the United States as customers turn away from greasy fries and burgers.

Lynch, 26, said he decided to park his love of cooking at Fredericton's information technology park on Tuesday. He's squeezed almost a full commercial kitchen into a custom-made 16-foot trailer.

"I'm doing everything as fresh, local as possible," he said.

So far about 80 per cent of his food is locally sourced.

In preparation the entrepreneur spent the last year planning, sourcing food and borrowing money.

Lynch said that pressure means a couple of times he not only flipped burgers, he has flipped out.

"I'm pretty mellow. But I've had my meltdowns and anxiety attacks, and stuff like that," he said.

The average price of a meal, like a burger with Gouda, is $12.

The mobile bistro has been running for close to three weeks and Lynch's goal is to have a non-mobile restaurant in four years.