Carolyn Hosking and her late husband, Doug

Carolyn Hosking, pictured here with her late husband, Doug, felt joy at the news a camera she lost in the Moncton area that contained other pictures of him, had been found. (Facebook)

A British Columbia woman who lost a camera in Moncton containing photos of her recently deceased husband is overjoyed by news of its return.

Ruth Rayburn-Arsenault of Rothesay pleaded for the public's help in finding her grieving daughter's lost camera. She says it was a ’thrill to my soul’ to have it returned.

Rayburn-Arsenault says her daughter, Carolyn Hosking, whose husband Doug died of brain cancer in May, doubled over with joy at the news of its return.

“When I was able to call her, it was just a fabulous experience, to know that it came back," says Rayburn-Arsenault.

“She was at her sister's house and her sister said she bent right over, she just bent right over, she was so joyful, I just can't explain what it meant to have those pictures back they were very precious inside the camera,”

A week ago Rayburn–Arsenault turned to the public with a plea for Moncton residents to be on-the-lookout for the camera. While her daughter was visiting from British Columbia, she misplaced the camera somewhere near Hopewell Hill and Casino New Brunswick in Moncton.

The camera contained a digital memory card filled with photos of her late husband, which she had not yet downloaded to a computer.

Shortly after reaching out to the public a Good Samaritan got in touch with Rayburn-Arsenault. The person had located the camera in the Casino New Brunswick parking lot, memory card intact.

"If you find something that belongs to somebody else, there might be a story underneath that is very deep," says Rayburn-Arsenault.

“I have a smile on my face that you haven't been able to wipe off for a week. It was such a thrill to my soul, to have someone find that camera, because it was so precious to my daughter.”