The Alward government has launched a legislative blitz on Wednesday, with cabinet ministers introducing 16 bills four weeks before MLAs hope to break for the summer.

The Opposition Liberals contend it's a deliberate strategy to stifle debate on the bills, which include updating oil and gas rules, tweaking workplace safety, implementing tax increases, enforcing Natural Resources fines and allowing lawyers to apply to Service New Brunswick to become civil officiants so they can marry people.

"It's not acceptable," said Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau.

Sixteen bills over about four weeks works out to almost one bill per day, simply not enough time to properly analyze them, he said.

"There's no reason why at least some of these bills couldn't have been tabled weeks ago to allow the Opposition to do the proper due diligence," Boudreau said.


Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau says four weeks isn't enough time to properly debate 16 bills. (CBC)

Government House Leader Paul Robichaud says there's plenty of time to debate these bills, as well as others still to come.

"I do believe all the 40 bills we will introduce this session are very important bills," he said.

The Liberals say they'll slow down the debate if necessary to give each bill the scrutiny it needs.