Gerry Lowe enters Saint John council byelection race

Gerry Lowe, a well-known Saint John businessperson, has given the upcoming Saint John council byelection a high-profile boost

Ward 3 byelection set for May 13 to replace Donnie Snook

Gerry Lowe announced he will run in the May 13 byelection in Saint John's Ward 3. Residents will be vote to fill Donnie Snook's vacant seat on Saint John council. (Neville Crabbe/CBC)

A well-known Saint John businessperson has given the upcoming Saint John council byelection a high-profile boost.

Gerry Lowe, a prominent south-end developer and businessperson, became the fourth candidate in the May 13 byelection to fill the council seat vacated by Donnie Snook, who is now facing child pornography charges.

Lowe drew about 40 people out to his campaign launch at the Boys and Girls Club in the city on Thursday.

Lowe said he wants to bring his business experience to the city council chamber.

"City hall is like running a business, except all the people that pay are the taxpayers, that's the only difference," he said.

Lowe joins Allen Leslie, a chef, Brian Boyd, a retailer, and Mark LeBlanc, a provincial liquor inspector, in the race to represent Ward 3.

The ward is the most populated ward in the city, including the uptown and south end, small parts of the north end and lower west side.

Additional candidates could still enter the byelection race. Elections New Brunswick has set April 19 as the cut-off date for candidates to file their papers to run in the May 13 byelection.

The current Ward 3 candidates are raising a variety of issues in the byelection campaign.

Leslie said there's a housing crisis in the city that needs to be dealt with.

"Before we tear anymore down, let's make sure we have a rock solid plan to build again," he said.