Storm-shaken New Brunswickers are buying up generators, propane tanks and chainsaws, leaving some Fredericton stores short of supplies.

Tony Burns has been going from store to store since post–tropical storm Arthur hit, searching for a generator.

“I want something that's going to run everything,” he said. “I'm buying an insurance policy here. That's what my generator will be. I hope I never have to turn it on, but if I do, we're going to be prepared.”

Steve Butler owns Yard Gear. He says the store would usually sell dozens of generators and chainsaws in one month, but now they're selling hundreds.

“We've never seen business this busy,” he said.

“We've come through the panic mode now and most customers who are coming through the door are looking to the future."

130,000 new 'campers'

Canadian Tire has also seen a run on storm supplies, including camper stoves.

“We're always stocked up for the months of July, August, September for campers, but nothing like 130,000 campers at one time,” said Judy McCarty, the store’s general manager.

Electricians are also working flat out to fix storm damage. Electrician Philip Sharpe is fixing the service entrances that were ripped off homes by fallen trees.

“The other thing we've been busy at doing is setting up generator panels at peoples’ homes, so if something like this happens again, they can easily save their fridge, freezer, and in some cases, outside the city, run their water pump so they can actually have water,” he said.

Sharpe intends to install one in his own house when he gets the time.