Crystal Lahaie has had a big weight lifted off her shoulders, winning two gold medals for her performance at the World Powerlifting Congress in the Czech Republic capital of Prague.

The 37-year-old Geary native managed a deadlift of 330.5 pounds.

"It was pretty amazing, all of Team Canada there screaming for you," said Lahaie.

Lahaie has set six world records in the sport. It's an impressive record, given that the mother of three only took up the sport in January when she joined a gym to lose weight. By spring, she was setting records.

Lahaie and three other women who train under Thom Lamb qualified for the world event. But with no financial support for power lifters, Lahaie turned to the internet and went online to raise the $3,500 she needed to travel to Prague through crowd sourcing.

Lahaie hopes her wins shine a spotlight on the sport she loves.

"Hopefully, it promotes it quite a bit because I think there should be a lot more women acknowledging how strong they actually are," she said.