Friends of a Fredericton teenager who died suddenly in his sleep last month are rallying to create a memorial skate park in his memory.

Fourteen-year-old Isaac Miller was known by skateboarders all over New Brunswick.

Isaac Miller

Isaac Miller was well known in New Brunswick's skateboarding circles (Facebook)

Father Andrew Miller remembers a kind and upbeat teenager and a son he was proud of.

"He didn't have a mean bone in his body," said Miller. "He got along really well with young people, old people. He didn't judge people.

"He was just … you know, teenagers. They have their own little group, but he was really receptive to new ideas."

Isaac started skateboarding when he was nine years old. Five years later, he was well-known in the community for skill on the skateboard and behind the camera, capturing the action from behind the lens.

One idea Isaac was keen on was for a centrally located skate park in Fredericton.

After Isaac died suddenly from an unknown cause last month, his friend's rallied behind the cause.

Isaac Miller trick

Isaac Miller skateboards in King Square in Saint John. (Facebook)

"Spontaneously, within two days, there were no less than three Facebook pages saying `Isaac Miller Memorial Skate Park,'" says his father.

Friend Marc Landry says putting Isaac's name on a skate park is only fitting.

"Everyone knew him," said Landry, a teacher. "The shop owners knew him, and everyone who worked at the stores and at the parks knew him.

"It just seemed fitting and we had a similar goal since both wanted a park."

The group is looking for donations and have secured a spot for the skate park — the Fredericton Exhibition grounds if they can raise the money necessary for the project.

Landry says they need to raise $30,000 to get a park designed and another $500,000 to build it.

But he says with Isaac's memory as motivation, they'll get it done.