Residents in downtown Fredericton are hoping police will step up their presence this summer as reports of vandalism continue to grow.

The Fredericton Police Force started publishing an online map in May that showed instances of crime across the city. Last month, there were more than 30 reports of property damage in the city.         

Sean Whitney lives on Northumberland Street in Fredericton and he is one of the increasing number of victims of vandalism.

Earlier this week, Whitney woke up to the sound of a weight-lifting bench crash through his front window.

The bench shattered his window and scattered broken glass across his front hallway.

John MacDermid

Fredericton Coun. John MacDermid (CBC)

The broken window will cost him $500 to repair.

He said he would like the police to increase their visibility in the area to deter future acts of vandalism.

"Certainly more patrols around town after the bars close, it’s hard but downtown isn’t that large," he said.

The vandalism is keeping contractors, such as Cory Smith, very busy this summer.

Smith said he’s fixed between 20 and 30 windows in recent weeks.

Wilmot Pool

Vandals overturned several garbage cans in Wilmot Park in Fredericton this week. (CBC)

"It's a lot of rocks, a lot of rocks get thrown, sometimes pellet guns, people are shooting out windows with pellet guns," he said.

"I would say there is more downtown than any other places, but it's all over."

The Fredericton Police say this type of crime tends to happen in waves.

Coun. John MacDermid said he has spoken with police officials and he isn’t prepared to call the recent acts of vandalism a "rash."

But MacDermid said residents should keep the police informed of any crime.

“The police really need this information, they need to get the calls, regardless of how minor it is,” he said.

The vandalism is not limited to broken windows.

Peter Esson, a city employee, found the Wilmot wading pool full of garbage this morning.

"There were two cans thrown into the pool with the garbage emptied out and then there were several others around the park that were knocked over and just garbage thrown everywhere," he said.