Four routes will see changes including, 15 Hanwell Park, 15 Barker's Point, 16 Marysville and 16 Prospect. (CBC)

Fredericton Transit says it has been able to provide more service to two routes in the city without increasing its budget.

The transit service announced the changes this week and the new routes started on Tuesday. The four revised routes include:

  • 15 Hanwell Park
  • 15 Barker's Point
  • 16 Marysville
  • 16 Prospect

The largest changes are coming to the 15 Hanwell Park route.

Tony Hay, the Fredericton Transit manager, said the new route will have more service to the Shannex retirement home on Rainsford Lane.

"So what we did there is that we did some tinkering along the routes to be able to service that without any budget impact," Hay said.

"That's the biggest thing about these changes, that we've increased our level of service in two areas that have had increased demand without increasing our budget."

He said on the 15 Barker's Point route, staff were able to find efficiencies that let them provide extra service on other parts of the route.

"We played around with the routes a little bit to gain time," he said.

"So that way there, we gained about four or five minutes — and that's all you really need. You get four to five minutes on one end, you attach that to another end and increase our level of service."